Marilyn’s Diamonds™ Deluxe

Slot machine test: Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe

Diamond and Marilyn Monroe - this is a blend that fit in any case and in the slots "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe" you get served a good portion of it. Here it sparkles just in front of him, there is also the smile of Marilyn personally no exception. The Naidoo slot casino can be played in the Star Games, shines with a great presentation. There is also an older version, but the Deluxe version is a real eye-catcher and graphic designs in 3D. This gives a whole new and fluid gaming experience. But not only beautiful look of the slot to bring also gains. And can be quite "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe" do some for your deposit account, what is located mainly on the refill feature, to slip when the symbols from the top and so multiple winnings in a round are possible.

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Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe play online

Even if the online slot machine not on free games or has super bonus features, so he has some basic functions which look real and promise especially good odds. There would be, for example, the fact that it in "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe" is no classic lines. All identical symbols include it when they left by the roller started on each roll in addition a round are. Enough so for example, if the red diamond once on the first, second and the third roller is available. Not in a line, but anywhere on the reels.

For more great advantage of "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe" function is the refill. Once icons have made a profitable number, they disappear and top new icons fall, to close the gaps. If then again winning lines formed, they include directly for the same round. In this way you can make theory several times in a row winning, even though you have turned only once.

The importance of diamonds in the slot Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe

Bring the dark green and red diamond at the least profit, but from four or five symbols, of course they are extremely lucrative. It will be interesting with the sparkling white diamonds, the highest profits in "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe ' promises. Three white symbols, it returns, after all, already four times the use as profit. Less counts as the scatter icon, but this is the advantage that it is everywhere and the corresponding rollers must not be side by side.

Forgetting of course is not the image of Marilyn. It occurs as wild so wild. As a result, it can replace all other symbols except the scatter. Series be completed in this way and also include if, for example, only two of the same symbols are available.

Slot machines instructions by Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe

If you want to play not just to actually worthless star, you can make your bets in this diamond slot with real money. By the above mentioned features, it is the strength of "Marilyn it diamonds ™ Deluxe", to make good gains in the normal game. Since there are no winning lines, you can change only use before each round from the outset been quite lush falling out. You start a round and after a brief turn the rollers stop. Automatically you will be shown what symbols lead to profit. However, these disappear again shortly afterwards to make room for other symbols. You may have using the auto start function automatically spin the reels, so that automatically starts each round.

You should be not quite so satisfied with your profits, then there is still the gamble feature. With this, you can decide on a color. If you're right with your choice, your profit of rounds of will double smooth. However, there is always the danger of losing the entire profit of rotation. Very high profits so tend not to recommend, because there is always a 50-50 chance.

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